Here are the some of the testimonials received from patients of the Reading Chiropractor.

David made me feel at ease from the moment I arrived. I have suffered with back pain for nearly 30 years and after many visits to the doctor with no luck I decided to try something different, I'm so glad I did as I now rarely have any problems with my back. David also works on my neck, not my favourite part but definitely worthwhile, this has helped enormously with migraines. Lastly my wrist that I shattered 20 years ago and which has caused me to be unable to ride my motorbike at times has now been sorted very quickly. I would highly recommend David.
Holly L (Retail, Reading)
Definitely recommend David. He has helped me with my Neck problems significantly
Joanna W.

Having had tailbone pain for a year i went to see David as a last thought.

Having seen a physio, orthopedic surgeon and pain management clinic, I had the usual cortisone injections, and a ganglion impar block, which actually made the situation worse.

Not really expecting too much (being skeptical) I was proved wrong when after the third session we had significant drop in pain. He initially said if i haven’t helped in four sessions, i probably can’t.


I’ve been going now for a few months and see gains almost weekly. David is a knowledgeable chiropractor with a sensible pragmatic approach to what he does.

Couldn’t recommend him enough.

John Smith (Reading)

I've had lower back pain for over 10 years now, and over such time i have seen many doctors who simply prescribe varying painkillers, sent me for scans, x-rays, and very little in the way of resolving my issue (my personal experience). I finally made the decision to make an appointment to see a chiropractor, and in all honesty, I'm glad i did. I have been receiving treatment for nearly 2 months now and i waited this time before writing a review as i wanted to be open and honest with my experience. David has in just two months helped me go from some days not being able to walk or even dress myself (yes - honestly) to being almost completely mobile once again. I still do have some pain which i would think is to be expected as its been only 2 months but i have almost complete mobility before i reach any level of pain now. In my honest personal experience i am glad i made that call because quality of life is strangely better when you can walk or pick something up from the floor again! I'm 35, i wasn't quite ready to be put out to pasture yet.

Dave. L (I T. Reading)
I had been suffering with pain in my shoulder for a couple of months when I found David through a google search.

I had been to my GP and, despite having significant discomfort and an inability to fully move my arm, I was dismissed and made to feel as if I was making a fuss over nothing. I had completely the opposite experience at The Reading Chiropractor.

After only a few sessions with David, I had gone from barely being able to lift my arm up to take off a jumper to significantly reduced pain and almost normal movement. I'm now a few months into treatment and I can't believe the difference.

The Reading Chiropractors have always been professional and friendly and I would highly recommend David and his team.

Thank you so much!
N.Aitken (Teaching, Reading)

I can recommend David at the Reading Chiropractor.

I made the mistake of ignoring my bad neck and taking painkillers for a couple of weeks rather than seeking help.

David uses skill and technique rather than drugs to alleviate the source of pain and poor flexibility. Within just a few weeks I had regained full flexibility in my neck and didn't require any painkillers anymore where before treatment I was on more than a packet a day. I was also able to get a good night sleep.

Therefore if you have an issue get in touch with the team on Castle Street.

Mike Wallis (Reading)
Thank u so much u made me so comtable and easy to tell u my problems.

 Now I look forward to getting back on the path of recovery.

Such a nice person to meet, pity I did not know u before I was suffering so much, all Dr did was just kept on changing tablets.

c u next week thanku so much.
Nisa (Reading)
Had my second treatment yesterday, I am so impressed with David. He has gods gift in his hands.

After suffering for so long with sleepless night at last I have full night of sleep without tablets.

Thank u so much David.
Zaibum (Reading)
After suffering many months of back pain and taking painkillers I decided to go and see David who I thought was very professional and knowledgeable.

Treatment started the next day and to my surprise I was free of pain for the first time in months.

I could walk without limping and pain.

I am happy to continue the treatment and recommend David to others.

Pamela (Retired, Tilehurst)
I originally went to see David (Reading Chiropractor) about my lower back problems and got a professional and friendly service. I see David once a month and he keeps by back in great condition.

A few weeks ago I sprained my ankle and David has worked on improving it. The work he has done is fantastic! I have had problems with my ankles for years and since David has helped me out they feel better than they have ever felt! highly recommended!
Ben. H (Estate Agent, Reading)
I have had arm/elbow problems for a few years with little luck so far, with doctors unable to diagnose me or offer any treatment more than ibuprofen and arm splints. With my symptoms getting worse, I was advised to go to a chiropractor and have not regretted that decision.

My symptoms have lessened and I am in a much more positive frame of mind because of it. David had found a problem with my neck that after a few sessions of adjustments improved greatly and the symptoms in my arm went away and haven't returned. David is highly professional and knowledgeable and has helped me understand more about my problems in the last month than 4 years of Doctor consultants!


Shannon Lynch (Reading)
A great and caring expert! Helps a foolish old sportsman keep going long past his end-date and is not just a chiropractor but also a friend. And such friendly receptionists! Thank you.
John Anderson (Purley on Thames)
I've been seeing David for some years now on more or less a monthly basis. David keeps my back in good order as well as many other joints that need a regular checkup and treatment. David is extremely professional and I always enjoy our conversations during my visits. I would have no hesitation in recommending a visit to a Chiropractor especially one as helpful and knowledgeable as David.
Graham Jones (Reading)
I visited David earlier in the year after suffering with some lower back problems. I enjoyed a professional and courteous service and would not hesitate to recommend David's practise
dffitch (Property, Egypt)
David has been brilliant during my visits, and I feel we are making solid progress after just a couple of sessions. This has been my first time seeing a chiropractor, and I would highly recommend to friends & family.
Rich Davies (Reading)