Here are the some of the testimonials received from patients of the Reading Chiropractor.

Excellent Chiropractor

David is an excellent Chiropractor and I would recommend him to anyone. I went in with a sore back and he very quickly diagnosed that I had a twisted pelvis from always sitting on my wallet (which I kept in my back pocket).
Not only did he fix my back, but also gave me excellent advice going forward.
James Pattison
Thank you!

David is just the man. I have seen him twice this year and he helped me both times with a single session. Very professional and always shares a word of advice and suggestions on how to get better on a day to day basis. I will recommend this practice to anyone who needs help. Don't waste your time looking elsewhere just go and see David!
Kris G

Thank you

I went in could hardly move an old wound of 20 years but David found it and relieved it on the first visit, have had a back up appointment and it is fine back to normal no pain in my view he knows his stuff and the receptionist is lovely. Well worth the costs because if you had the pain I had you do not question how much, you just want the pain to go away quickly.

Jane Spencer
Wow! Outstanding service! David and the team are kind, friendly and courteous. I have had headaches and sleeping problems for years and since having treatment I no longer suffer from headaches and my sleeping is so much better. I cannot recommended these guys highly enough!
Adam (Property, Reading)
Very nice atmosphere. Makes you feel very welcome and relaxed. Friendly reception very helpful. Well worth the money I would recommend this to all my family and friends.
Mikey Edward (Reading)
I've had lower back pain off and on for the last 10 years. In the last year the pain got more consistent so I finally got myself to a chiropractor. I was very impressed how quickly I noticed a change in the way my back felt. David is very efficient and clearly very experienced. He and his staff are welcoming and knowledgeable and I felt comfortable there right away.
J. Morar (USA)
I've been attending Reading Chiropractor for a while now and have found it to be a huge help. I was experiencing back pain and had to take large amounts of codeine each day to keep it at bay. I'm delighted to say that this is no longer the case and I enjoy being able to go about my day with only very minor discomfort. I highly recommend this service.
H Williams (Reading)
I started seeing David a couple of months ago after a car accident I had last year had left me with pain in my neck shoulders and back constantly. Physio sports massage had got me through the worst of it but I was recommended David to help further. Before I saw David I was in pain all day every day from about 30 mins after waking in the morning, often had to lay down after work for an hour to rest my back and had got used to being in pain. After only a couple of session with David my pain had reduced about 40% and was much less intense, my movement had massively increased which I couldn't believe after literally 2 session. I am now bout 10 session in I have nearly normal movement in my neck, my pain is around 80% better and on some days I have no over all pain only minor tightness. I would 100% recommend David and suggest seeing him as soon as possible after an incident that is causing you issues. David is professional and very considerate during his sessions and recommends best practices/things to benefit your health in between sessions. I am so happy with my progress and love not being in pain anymore!!
Gemma (Admin, Reading)
Fantastic result. First time back in 6 years and had pain relief on the first session. I am going to start treating my back like my car and get it serviced on a regular basis from now on.
Warren (Wozza) Howe (Tilehurst, Reading)
A huge thank you to David for helping me to actually walk! After 2 days at a baby show I woke up unable to move and was in agony, after just four treatments I can now move normally! The pain was horrendous and I couldnt even sit down!!
David has also helped my Daughter after a car accident left her with severe whiplash so I would highly recommend him, dont suffer pain if you dont need too, visit David he gets the full 5 stars from me!!
Trish Hare (Manager, Reading)
Have only been a handful of times but amazing! The pain in my back & legs was very painful to say the least. My back us now sorted and legs much better. You must try if you have 'bone ache' Why suffer?
Sue Hirdle (HR, Reading)
I've been a patient of David's for a number of years now and he's treated me successfully for various issues. I initially went to see him about my lower back but he's also helped when I've been in agony with neck and jaw problems when no other treatments were working. He's even helped me with dizziness and tension headaches. David would be my first choice if anything else breaks as has always given me excellent care and advice. The clinic is friendly and professional , the receptionists are lovely too!
Wendy V. (Admin, Reading)
Great insights into how all aspects my general well-being affect my spine and hip; as well as providing structured therapy that suited my specific needs.. All of which have been a great help over the past month or so. Very helpful reception staff and David's a top bloke! Thoroughly recommended.
Harry M. (Reading)
The high feedback score on Google is spot on, the Reading Chiropractor provided a great service in assessing and treating my back issues, their appointment reminders are hugely helpful, and the staff are fantastically friendly/accommodating to diary requirements. I highly recommend David and the team here! 🙂
Mike C (HR, Reading)
Excellent service and well worth visiting if you are suffering any back pain or discomfort, David is excellent, highly impressed.
John P (Builder, Reading)