Here are the some of the testimonials received from patients of the Reading Chiropractor.

For the past 15 years I have been suffering from lower back pain. After many trips to my GP, x-rays and MRI scans, I was finally diagnosed with Grade 1 Spondylolisthesis. My GP referred me to physiotherapy and he also suggested epidural steroid injections, but neither of them worked long term. Because I was still experiencing episodes of pain, my orthopaedist put me on a waiting list for back surgery.

Few weeks before surgery I was having doubts and I decided to do my own research and look for other options. I found David Woodhouse Dr of Chiropractic online and his positive reviews convinced me to try. After a few visits, I can honestly say that this has been the only thing that has worked. My back pain has been reduced substantially, I can sleep properly again and I even started exercising. I am very grateful that I have found an easier option to surgery and I advice everyone to try
Maria G. (Consulting, Reading)
I had severe pain in my lower back and down my left leg into my foot. After visiting Reading Chiropractic once i had much improvement. After my second visit a few days later i was free of all pain. I was given a walking plan and that really helped to improve movement.
Amanda P. (Tilehurst, Reading)
I have been visiting David to reduce the number of headaches I suffer from. I wanted a drug free alternative that would address the underlying causes rather than a drug based treatment aimed only at the symptoms. David took the time to listen to what I had to say, and after some initial work to identify what was "going on" my treatment settled into a regular pattern of maintenance appointments. I have seen good results, my headaches have reduced in number and I feel generally better in myself. I would recommend trying a chiropractic solution.
Kirsty B. (Earley, Reading)
Great clinic,
Really friendly place and amazing results. I went to see David for lower back pain, which was quickly fixed and I was advised on preventing future problems.
Rob (Plumber, Reading)
I thought it was time to write and express my thanks to you for your gifted assistance I was first recommended to visit and receive chiropractic services for what seemed like a chronic back disorder and I was unable to work at all, plus I struggled to even walk.

Your flair and skills have completely exceeded my expectations and in the year since I have been receiving your guidance, manual therapy and exercise routines, I have been able to remain positive, keep working and improve my whole outlook on my general health.

I am especially appreciative of your patience and understanding when dealing with me when I have had a set-back and have been particularly low. With your skills in manipulation and actually understanding of all of my past medical history you have been able to give me the correct treatment and encouragement which is so very important to continue maintaining my positivity and improvement in pain control and managing my expectations.

I would willingly recommend your services to anyone who needs diagnosis, treatment and prevention of joint or back pain. Thank you.
Jacqui (Finance, Reading)
Just had a session at the Reading Chiropractor for my neck, back and knee. When I came out today I felt a lot better, as I can sit upright in the car and when I got home I could get up and down the stairs much easier and walk better.
Mary F. (Retired, Reading)
I saw David shortly after Christmas with severe cranial and jaw pain. Within a few treatments I saw immense improvement and am well on the way to recovery. His calm, professional but friendly manner helps put new patients at ease which is essential when looking for the right treatment.
Rachel W. (Admin Reading, Berkshire)
Reading Chiropractor has regularly exceeded my expectations. David is very knowledgeable and helps keep my back in good working order.
Simon Proudlock (Reading)
Excellent All Round Care!!
The initial appointment was a very thorough assessment and I left at ease, knowing what was wrong with me and what could be done to fix it. Since that time I have come on leaps and bounds, and now go back every couple of months to avoid the problems and before they get bad.
Rachel (Designer, Reading)
I have been a patient of the clinic for years, ever since my back went out for the last time. I decided it was enough and that I needed treatment to avoid the debilitating pain and lack of movement. Since being a patient, I cannot recall a time where i was unable to walk or move. Over the years the advice and treatment I received has resulted in increased flexibility, movement and no more pain! Thanks David!
Piers C. (I.T. Reading)