If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, chiropractors can help relieve the symptoms and even prevent the condition from getting worse.

With carpal tunnel syndrome, the nerve endings in the hand become irritated and inflamed, in the carpal tunnel causing pain and numbness in the fingers. We can help to alleviate these symptoms by introducing movement in the carpal bones thereby relieving the pressure on the nerves!

If you have symptoms, make an appointment with us and get started on the road to relief with Chiropractic Care!

Man holding wrist with carpel tunnel

David (31)

I set up Tilehurst Chiropractic on the Tilehurst Road, Reading in 2003.

After nearly 10 years seeing Tilehurst Chiropractic expand and after outgrowing our previous location, Tilehurst Chiropractic rebranded in 2013 as the Reading Chiropractor, and we moved to our current location at the Reading Health Centre.

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