How to combat back pain, aches and strains at work

Nearly 73% of British people struggle with back pain on a regular basis 

To help empower the British public to help relieve their back pain, aches and strains, here are some quick tips, tricks and hacks for you to add into your daily routine.

  1. Take a stand: Inactivity is a leading cause of back pain. If you spend most of your day sitting down, make sure that you take regular breaks, ideally every 20-30 minutes. Stand up, change position and walk around a little.
  2. Stretch it out: If you struggle to get away from your desk at work, simple activities such as stretching, shoulder shrugging or even fidgeting in your seat can help to keep your back in line.
  3. Get active: Exercise is key to a healthy back. This doesn’t mean that you need to embark on any extreme fitness regimes. Adding just a few extra minutes of walking a day can hugely benefit your back health.
  4. Check your workspace: If your job primarily involves sitting at a desk and staring at a computer for hours at a time, make sure your workspace is set up to support a comfortable position. This is different for everyone, so if you don’t feel comfortable in your current set up, try altering the height of your chair or screen.
  5. Straighten Up! Try incorporating some simple exercises into your daily routine. Any exercises that promote balance, strength and flexibility in the spine will aid posture and help prevent back pain!

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