Keep Moving To Reduce Spine Pain When Sitting At Work

Study on office workers states that you should keep moving to reduce spine pain when sitting at work.

A recent study has shown that postural shifting may be helpful in reducing neck and back discomfort.

This study compared 3 different postural shifting frequencies on 60 healthy office workers who were asked to sit for 1 hour. They found that postural shifting frequency of 10 to 30 times per hour had significant effects on workers’ perceived discomfort in their neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back.

The authors recommended that postural shifts of 30 times per hour may help workers reduce perceived musculoskeletal discomfort at the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back.

WFC Public Health Committee Chair, Dr Claire Johnson, commented, “Chiropractors can incorporate this new information into the prevention recommendations for their patients. The findings from this study support the efforts of the World Health Organization to reduce the amount of physical inactivity. This provides chiropractors yet another opportunity to contribute to improving spine and musculoskeletal health.”

Akkarakittichoke N, Waongenngarm P, Janwantanakul P. Effects of Postural Shifting Frequency on Perceived Musculoskeletal Discomfort During 1-Hour Sitting in Office Workers. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 2023 Sep 29.

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